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Fire Warden  (E.C.O)


The role of a Warden is to aid the Chief Warden in the event of an emergency situation.

Wardens have certain responsiblities to undertake during an emergency response relevant to their designated floor/building area.


Wardens require more thorough training than the average staff member and should participate in skills refresher training at 6 monthly intervals.


The training session you receive is conducted by a current career firefighter.

*This is a non-accredited course

Fire Warden E.C.O


Onsite Training

  • Emergency Control Organisation ((E.C.O) Structure

  • Australian Standards

  • WHS Legislation

  • Emergency Response Procedures

  • Alerting and Reporting Emergencies

  • Types of Emergencies

  • Responsibilites and duties

  • 1 -1.5 hours

  • Maximum 12 participants

  • Training is delivered onsite to meet the needs of your organisation.

  • After hours training sessions are available 

  • Option to combine this training with Fire Extinguisher Training

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