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fire warden training newcastle


Initial Response Training's Warden and Emergency procedures course is designed for the staff and representatives who form the
Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) or Wardens.

 This training provides the required skills and knowledge to assess and respond to various workplace emergencies, to ensure a safe and efficient evacuation process and response to fires and other types of emergencies. 


Warden and Emergency Procedures training will not only assist your business in meeting the required legislative requirements of providing a safe work place for staff, clients and visitors, it can also save lives during an emergency. 


The training session you receive is conducted by a professional firefighter and complies with WH&S and AS3745-2010 requirements and is contextualised to meet the needs of the relevant workplace.

Warden & Emergency Procedures Training Course Summary

  • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Structure

  • Australian Standards

  • WHS Legislation

  • Emergency Response Procedures

  • Alerting and Reporting Emergencies

  • Types of Emergencies

  • Responsibilities and duties

Onsite Training


  • 1 hour face to face

  • Maximum 15 participants per session

Why Choose Initial Response For Fire Warden Training?

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When it comes to workplace, correct FIRE WARDEN  training - experience is key. 
Not only have our team undergone rigorous training, but they also have real-life experience that lets them offer practical, tailored advice.
When you train with us, you can be assured that you're learning from the best.

manual  handling training newcastle & Central Coast


Our comprehensive fire warden training programs cater to organisations across various fields and industries.


We have successfully trained teams in schools, shopping centres, hospitals, retail outlets, aged-care facilities, and more. 

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Quality Training

Engaging and instructive courses delivered for easy understanding and absorption of principles by your team.

professional manual handling training newcastle & Central Coasttraining newcastle & Central Coast


Our team of trainers are highly qualified and certified to deliver professional training tailored to your needs.

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We strongly believe that professional fire warden  training shouldn't break the bank.

Our competitive prices make our training a cost-effective investment for your business. 

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