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Fire Extinguisher Training: Courses & Programs
fire extinguisher training newcastle



Our Fire Extinguisher training session has been designed to ensure staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to extinguish small, uncomplicated fires in the early stages which will save lives and prevent further damage to your workplace.  

The training session incorporates both a theory and practical components including:

  • Fire Extinguishers,

  • Fire Blankets and 

  • Fire Hose Reels.   

The training session you receive is conducted by a professional firefighter and training is compliant with AS3745-2010.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course Summary

  • P.A.S.S Method

  • Classification of fires

  • Fire triangle

  • Types of fire extinguishers

  • Practical use of fire extinguisher

Onsite Training

  • Training is delivered onsite to meet the needs of your organisation.

  • After hours training sessions are available 

  • Option to combine this training with Fire Warden Training


  • 1 hour face to face

  • Maximum 15 participants per session

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