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first aid course newcastle & maitland fire courses


Are you prepared for emergencies? 

At Initial Response Training, we believe that being equipped with life-saving skills is crucial in any situation.

Whether you're a business owner, employee, or concerned individual, our comprehensive training programs will empower you to handle emergencies with confidence and efficiency.

Why Choose Initial Response Training?

Expert Safety Instructors

Our team of highly experienced instructors consists of seasoned professionals from the medical and firefighting fields.


They bring real-world knowledge and expertise to every training session, ensuring you receive the highest quality education.

Comprehensive First Aid Training

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime.


Our first aid courses cover a wide range of emergency scenarios, including CPR, wound care, choking incidents, and more.


Gain the skills necessary to save lives and provide immediate care until medical professionals arrive.

Fire Safety Excellence

Don't let a fire catch you off guard!


Our fire safety training equips you with the knowledge to prevent fires, safely evacuate premises, and effectively use fire extinguishers.


Learn how to assess risks, implement fire safety protocols, and minimise potential damage.

Certification and Compliance

Successful completion of our training programs will earn you recognised certifications and compliance with industry standards.


Stay compliant with workplace safety regulations and provide peace of mind to employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Get prepared with Initial Response Training today!

Initial Response Training is based in the Lower Hunter Region, providing fire safety and first aid training services to the:

  • Newcastle

  • Maitland

  • Cessnock

  • Hunter Valley

  • Central Coast

  • Kurri Kurri

  • Singleton

  • Dungog

  • and now Sydney

We can help you with...

First Aid Training For Workplaces

If our blended delivery option does not suit your organisation we also offer a full face-to-face course, in which all the theoretical and practical components are delivered in assessed in a longer session (traditional first aid training).

First aid training can be arranged to be delivered onsite at your workplace in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter or Sydney Regions or we can arrange a session at our training room.

This hands-on first aid training experience is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in medical emergencies. Get ready for an interactive and engaging session that will empower you to make a difference in critical situations.


Our certified and experienced instructors will guide you through a series of practical exercises, demonstrations, and simulations. You'll learn essential first aid techniques such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillator) usage, wound care, splinting, bandaging, and more.


During the session, you'll have the opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive environment. Our instructors will provide personalised guidance and feedback to ensure you're using the correct techniques and building confidence in your abilities.


We will identify and provide the relevant training to meet the needs of the organisation and it's employees, with training delivered on site when required. We will supply all of the necessary equipment in order to facilitate the training.  

combined CPR and fire training
onsite first aid training
first aid training newcastle, central coast & maitland
onsite training

Workplace Fire Training

Initial Response Training is a fire safety training specialist, providing comprehensive courses for businesses and organisations.

Our workplace Fire Training can be arranged to be delivered onsite or at our training room.

Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced, professional firefighters who have years of industry experience and expertise. We provide comprehensive fire safety training that is tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your business.


Our fire training courses cover topics such as fire safety regulations, detection, suppression and evacuation. We offer both accredited and non-accredited Fire Training courses.

Our accredited courses include:

  • PUAFER005 - Operate as part of an emergency control organisation (Fire Warden)

  • PUAFER006 - Lead an emergency control organisation (Chief Fire Warden)

  • PUAFER008 - Confine small emergencies in a facility (Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket & Fire Hose Reel)


We strive to provide our customers with the most comprehensive fire safety training available, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to any fire or emergency situation.

Fire warden training newcastle & evacuation plans

All first aid training is nationally recognised and delivered in partnership with Registered Training Organisation - Healthcorp

first aid & fire training newcastle with healthcorp

Reviews From Past Clients

This was by far the best experience of a first aid/CPR course I’ve ever had.
From the online theory to then the practical.
Emma was such an enthusiastic trainer and explained everything so well. It was very informative and a great experience.
Thank you

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